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over one week

The Irelax trial plan provides 1 week time to experience the various functions of the massage chair at your home. If you feel that you need a longer trial period, we are happy to provide our Extended Trial Service. Please contact our customer service team for details.

Door to door delivery

and pickup service

We deliver the unit to your home directly, so you don't need to worry about transport or finding us. We do all the hard work!

*Please note that our free delivery and pick-up only allows for delivery to a ground floor dwelling. If you need delivery to the first floor of a building or higher, we charge a fee of $50 per level.


trial guarantee

There's no need to worry with the coverage of our Accidental Damage Insurance for this trial plan. If you accidentally damage the massage chair during the trial period, for example scratching or parts damage, the excess fee is only $300.

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the trial is free

If you are satisfied with your massage chair and want to own it, the trial fee will be deducted from the massage chair purchase cost. In other words, the weekly trial is completely free!

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7 Days
Choose any massage chair

We provide a variety of models to choose for experience. Call us to inquire about the massage chair you are interested in.
Fill in the application form and our friendly customer service team will contact you as soon as possible to set you up with your trial chair.
Subject to the availability.
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