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Meet the deluxe massage experience, meet your needs

The Irelax Smart Deluxe massage chair is made with ingenuity in every detail. The exquisite and stylish appearance conforms to the modern aesthetics. It is a space saving design and can be freely placed in the bedroom, living room or elsewhere. Equipped with the 3D finger kneading rollers and full body airbags, achieving powerful and soft massage, not stiff and painful.

Its built-in 16 sets of automatic programs can provide and meet the needs of various modern life scenarios and occupational characteristics.

After a busy day at work, or a leisurely afternoon, lie on the Irelax Deluxe massage chair, lightly call "Hi Relax, start the massage" and it will respond immediately! Feel the muscle relaxation, vitality replenishment, and enjoy a comfortable life under the master-level massage techniques.

3D Finger Kneading rollers

With the built-in 3D finger kneading rollers, the movement can be retracted by 8 cm forward and backward providing a scraping back massage, gentle kneading, rhythm tapping and delicate knocking. The 3D rollers can simulate the opening and closing of the fingers. By applying vertical force, it reaches deep fascia tissues, and dredging the meridians.

The built-in 3D induction system of the massage chair can automatically and accurately adjust the massage intensity. The whole body can be freely and fully stretched.

Intelligent Voice Command

It comes with a conversational intelligent voice command system, which can quickly and accurately recognize the voice command. Just say “Hi, Relax” to wake up the voice control function. In this way, you can entirely enjoy your massage without moving a finger. 

16 sets of automatic massage programs, and 11 massage techniques

Its built-in 16 sets of classic automatic programs can provide and meet the needs of various life scenarios and professional characteristic. Suitable for a diverse group of people, whether you are a driver, an office worker, a head-downer, or even a shopper, there is always a massage program right for you.

At the same time, you can also customize the massage program you want, choose freely the massage spots and partial to meet your unique needs.

11 expert massage techniques to choose from: Kneading 1&2, Swedish 1 &2, Tapping 1 & 2, Shiatsu 1 & 2, Clapping 1 &2, Rolling.

Dual-dimensional Detection

The dual-dimensional detection and positioning technology adopted by the massage instrument can intelligently detect the user’s back curve and perform 360-degree full fit to cover the entire curve. Whatever your body shape is when you lie down, you will experience an amazingly comfortable sleeping position that suits you individually. After the massage chair matches the figure, it can precisely massage the acupuncture points. You can also manually adjust the massage height after auto detection has been confirmed.

128cm long SL Track

The length of the inner guide rial of Irelax Deluxe massage chair reaches an amazing 128cm. The advantage of the extra-long guide rail is that it cannot only increase the massage area of ​​the massage chair but also fit the body curve of the waist, back, buttocks and other parts more perfectly. 

Leg extension, suitable for different heights

Separation of legs and feet, footrest can extend by 25 cm, full filling the massage needs of the user.

Mechanical rollers at the bottom of the foot massage mechanism works in conjunction with the foot and calf airbags to give an amazing lower extremity massage.

  • Extendable largest 25 cm
  • Leg and foot airbag wrap
  • Foot roller

Dual Control System

Equipped with a 7-inch LED touch screen, which shows the massage progress to the user.

Built-in shortcut control panel, which is easy to operate and more convenient for the elderly.

Wireless and USB Charge

The armrest of the massage chair has a wireless charging function, and the mobile phone can be charged at any time. It is also equipped with a hidden USB charging port as well. One more choice brings more convenience.

Thai Yoga Stretch Massage

Have a rememberable experience of stretching the spine, releasing the pressure of the whole body, and feel the full pleasure of the yoga exercise. Simulate the traditional Thai techniques, use the airbags to squeeze the shoulders, arms, and legs, and with the combination of rollers movement, to soften your body, improves blood circulation, and relaxes you and provides the expected stress reduction.

Heating Therapy

There are graphene heating pads on both sides of the back of the massage chair, which can cover the skin on both sides of the spine. Under the stimulation of far-infrared radiation heat, it can accurately promote blood circulation in the waist and fundamentally relieve muscle fatigue and soreness.

36 Full body airbags

With airbags on the shoulders, arms, legs, and calves helps fully relax the body, like a wave, gently embracing and kneading your body. This allows the whole body to follow the airbags rhythm together, effectively relieving fatigue and pain of the body, making you instantly full of vitality.

Zero Gravity Function

There are 2 levels zero gravity angles, clicking the button to adjust a comfortable reclining angle, raise the foot above the heart. The center of gravity of the person will be transferred from the spine and joints to the hip position, which is conducive to achieving a completely relaxed state.

Product Parameters

SL-type rail guide
Gross Weight: 97kg; Net Weight 80.5 kg
Chair Reclined
Chair Upright
Rated Power
Rated Voltage
For a user more massive than 100 kilograms, the product may
have more prominent noise and its fabric housing may be worn quicker.
36 Months

Customer Reviews

5 / 5


2 months ago

Massage chair

good staff, goof service.


2 months ago

Worth the investment

It took me a long time to actually decide to invest in a chair. I work on a computer all day and get a lot of tight muscles so I thought it made sense to purchase but the initial cost was making it difficult. The staff answered every question and allowed us to try all of the modes on the 3 options we identified. I’m the end we used the trial which I totally recommend. After we had the chair for a week we realised how many benefits there were other than the massage. The surprise for us was that it helped with sleep and even digestion. By the we decided to purchase the upgrade version had arrived so we upgraded. It was delivered very quickly and installed with no issues. We love it! A special than you to Mabel at the Newmarket store!


2 months ago

Excellent product

We love our Smart Deluxe. Thanks.

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