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OGAWA Master Drive A.I
4D New Intelligent Massage Technology

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Revolutionary A.I massage technology arrives in New Zealand

Master Drive A.I intelligent massage chair. True massage.True intelligence. True senses.

A masterpiece of the A.I era, Master Drive delivers a massage experience beyond what you have come to expect. A.I technology is utilised to redefine the parameters of chair massage, delivering exactly what your body needs, when you need it.

A.I technology that adapts for you

Master Drive A.I uses your unique physiological data to determine what your body needs and adapt your massage experience every time. With its intelligent design able to intuit your mood, body state and fatigue levels, Master Drive truly responds to what you need, unlocking acupressure points and accurately sensing and adapting as your body heals and relaxes.

24 precision sensors

Precision sensor. Intelligent microprocessor. 4D massage movement.

These three core technologies work together to create Master Drive's advanced A.I movement and the ultimate massage experience.

The Master Drive chair is equipped with 24 precision sensors, each with pinpoint accuracy. This allows masterful manipulation of your acupressure points, as well as adaptation to your body’s unique rhythms and temperature. The sensors precisely detect how much massage strength your body needs, and the exact movements required to heal and restore.

Master Drive A.I utilises three sensor-types:
Speed sensor - allowing for intense manipulation
Position sensor - achieving acupressure certainty
Temperature sensor - detecting the optimum heat for massage therapy

Sixth generation microprocessor

Master Drive A.I owns Ogawa M.6 Gen, the sixth generation of Japanese revolutionary intelligent microprocessor technology.

Put simply, this technology enables A.I movement, with four microprocessors working in unison to create a truly intelligent massage. A master control microprocessor quickly conveys, processes and coordinates instructions, with the other three microprocessors calculating the data of the three sensor-types. The result is a responsive massage that perfectly adapts to your body.

4D rollers for multi-dimensional therapy

The latest 4D rollers are utilised in this state-of-the-art technology to ensure that when you close your eyes you believe you are in the hands of an expert masseuse. The rollers simultaneously massage up and down, left to right, and front to back, adapting strength and rhythm to suit your body, and mimicking the flexibility and control of a masseuse’s hands.

Leading DC brushless motor technology

Unlike a traditional brush motor, Master Drive A.I makes use of digital frequencies. This enables a more responsive massage with the most delicate of adjustments possible. 

Automatic detection handle

The Master Drive A.I intelligent massage chair is equipped with an automatic detection handle, which scans your body’s unique data through the palm of your hand. This can track your fatigue levels and health status, as well as accurately determine the massage you need.

The automatic detection handle uses the latest sensor technology:

GSR biosensor
By touching the skin on your palm, this sensor can capture energy levels and lock-in on your pain points.

SPO2 pulse oxygen sensor
By detecting the reflected light intensity absorbed by your blood and tissue, calculating your heart rate, and then correlating this alongside your basic physical data, the most effective massage programme can be created.

Facial-recognition login

Master Drive A.I intelligent facial scanning technology allows for the automatic detection and storage of user profiles. This means your personal data is ready in an instant.

Your voice is the controller

The Master Drive A.I intelligent voice interaction function means you can give orders without having to move your body. Simply call out to 'Xiaojia', your massage assistant, and ask for what you need.

Classic massage programmes

Master Drive A.I. can generate a customised massage programme for you every time based on your body data and fatigue levels. Alternatively, you can choose a classic massage experience, such as Master Choice, Thai Massage, Shoulder Neck Pressure Relief, Waist and Hip Massage, and more.

3D Thermal massage for your legs, knees and feet

Airbags and thermal compresses work together to relieve fatigue around your knees, legs and feet. This can reduce swelling, ease pressure on joints and truly relax your lower body. The sole roller, which has an intelligent detection function, uses kneading and reflexology to target your foot acupressure points for a rich, adaptive massage. 















Product Parameters

Rated time
15 minutes
Chair Upright
158×84×121cm (length×width×height)
Chair Reclined
Gross weight:146kg; Net weight:125kg
Rated power
Rated voltage
AC 220~240V
Available Colours
Graphite , Grey
36 Months
The tablet shown on the above images is for
reference only and not included with the purchase.
For a user more massive than 100 kilograms, the product may
have more prominent noise and its fabric housing may be worn quicker

Customer Reviews

5 / 5

Sally Lee

10 months ago

Good Chair

Upgrade from an old massage chair. This Master AI scan my body and give me a good massage solution, also I can unlock it through the Face Check System.


1 month ago

Ogawa Master drive

Highly recommend We use it daily & super convenient with voice instruction Massage is very detail , my fav is Thai which include more stretching Foot massage is “deep” & very satisfying I made the right choice

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