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Masters Pro’s advanced "Microprocessor" intelligent massage chair will become your close friend, relieve your fatigue, and care for your heart!

4D Intelligent Massage Chair with Advanced Microprocessor

This chair incorporates a multi-dimensional, 4D somatosensory Microprocessor, flexible silicone rollers, and 14 precision sensors, which can identify your weight and salient body features, acting just like the touch of a human hand. The 4D Intelligent chair bids farewell to the simple and stiff mechanical massage touch of the traditional massage chair, bringing unprecedented levels of comfort and luxury. It is also equipped with 4D intelligent massage hands, able to achieve deep front and back stretching and delicately restore your equilibrium. The chair’s “master massage” technique is complemented by “walking up and down”, and “swinging from side to side” functions.

Real-time eight-speed massage pressure adjustment and manual set up of massage position options, together with elastic telescopic massage heads, effectively fit the physical curve of the neck and back. These capabilities allow the chair to penetrate muscles deeply, easing soreness and boosting feelings of wellbeing. With accurate positioning every time, you are soothed with an unsurpassed “master massage” experience.

Double intelligent body scan, sensitive to how your muscles feel

Two-dimensional detection and positioning: Master Pro is equipped with two kinds of intelligent precision -detection sensors and intelligent body pressure sensing technology. These sensors detect and position themselves in two dimensions according to the posture of the human body, automatically checking the S-shaped curve of the human back and the height and position of the shoulders.

Soreness detection technology: this is like having your own professional masseuse, and can analyse your body’s muscles, provide advice and then start to massage. Master Pro is equipped with a soreness detection sensor, which can quickly analyse a number of fatigue indicators and the degree of muscle soreness — all via an automatic detection handle. It can collect the stress response signals of the human body, analysing soreness and fatigue. Judging from the detection results, it can intelligently create your personalized massage program, bringing you a truly unique massage experience.

Intelligent and easy operate

Intelligent voice control: Master Pro always listens to you, with the built-in voice control system quickly recognising voice passwords. Your voice is the remote control — just calmly relax your hands and enjoy.

8-inch LED touch screen + shortcut button: Master Pro is equipped with an 8-inch LED flat-panel touch screen with a user-friendly interface. Touch sensitivity and the massage process are clear at a glance. The armrest panel is configured appropriately, and the shortcut button is easy to select and operate.

Do as you wish to restore the master's technique

Seven sets of master massage techniques: the chair’s bionic delivery of massage techniques, including kneading, “beating”, and shiatsu, as well as regular massage, are all readily available. Sensing and applying the appropriate weight and force, comparable to the skilful and delicate techniques of massage masters, the 4D Chair will allow you to enjoy professional massage at home: 4D kneading (two modes); 4D tapping (two modes); 4D shiatsu (two modes); 4D regular massage.

Forty sets of automatic programs: Master Pro has 40 sets of automatic massage programs. With one key-press, your whole body is relaxed, and fatigue in various parts of the body can be relieved, easily meeting the different massage needs of you and your family.

Sixteen sets of self-defined programs: freely choose your favourite massage techniques to maximize massage effectiveness according to different pain and fatigue intensities of the shoulder, neck, back, waist and other areas, relieving fatigue and providing soothing comfort.

All this is matched by the 4D massage microprocessor, which provides different levels of massage experience. The speed, strength and intensity are all adjustable with five gears, allowing you to easily enjoy a variety of massage experiences with one chair.

Double thermotherapy massage

Roller heating function: Our 4D microprocessor is equipped with temperature sensing, PTC ceramic heating technology which always provides heating along with the massage track, keeping a constant temperature of 45℃-55℃ and easily relieving fatigue and increasing blood circulation. Additionally, it is heated like a pair of warm hands, bringing you a fresh, deeply relaxing massage experience.

Back heating: keeps a constant temperature of 50℃-55℃, relaxing stiff muscles and restoring muscle vitality.

Double thermotherapy is just like a massage master’s warms hands comforting tired muscles, providing a remarkably calming temperature massage. This technology releases deep body stress, regulates chi and blood circulation, warms meridians and dispels cold, guarding the body from winter ills.

Full-body air bags massage to relieving stress

Wrapping and kneading with three-dimensional air bags: Master Pro is equipped with 24 air bags spread over the whole chair, distributing relaxation to the shoulders, arms, legs and feet, etc. Full-coverage air bags are used for mutual squeezing and circular massage. Five levels of massage pressure offer a perfect embrace, leaving you feeling as if you were floating in the clouds.

Shoulder, arm, knee, leg, and foot airbags: butterfly airbags are used in massaging the shoulders, delivering just the right pressure to make them more relaxed and calm. The chair’s arms are equipped with V-shaped air bags, increasing the contact surface around salient areas, and stimulating acupuncture points. The leg air bags are lifted to the knees, and the relaxing kneading and pressing, together with the warm massage rollers, can promote improved blood circulation in the legs. The foot airbags wrap the feet in 360° warmth and comfort and massage deeply to relieve the tired soles of your feet.

Leg kneading function, full-wrap foot physiotherapy

Intelligent sensing extension adjustment for the calf: the pedal on Master Pro can be extended to 7.1 inches to suit people of all heights and meet the needs of different family members. When you start the massage, the footrest will automatically stretch to keep your legs in the optimal position.

Leg kneading function: One of the most neglected parts in massage is the calf. The calf kneading function of Master Pro employs two-way Tai Chi kneading and pressing using the outer air bag to rotate in a circular motion, adding a new dimension to calf massage. Additionally, the calf roller “scraping” massage is able to relieve leg pain and joint fatigue.

Three groups of foot massage rollers: rolling/scraping massage on the soles of the feet reproduces the scraping and kneading techniques used by professional massage technicians. This is supplemented by fully wrapped air bags, simulating human massage to fully cover the soles’ reflection area, effectively stimulating acupuncture points and improving microcirculation.


Space zero gravity+super-long track

Space zero gravity: simulates the zero gravity elevation angle of space suspension, so that the spine has zero pressure — providing a deep relaxation experience, helping to promote deep sleep, and allowing you to enjoy the wonderful feeling of complete relaxation and freedom of body and mind.

1.35-meter-long SL-type track: the SL track is designed strictly according to ergonomics and conforms to human physiology, especially the curvature of the spine. The massage distance is as long as 1.35 meters, from the neck, shoulders, back, waist, buttocks to thighs, covering common key sore areas in all directions. The pushing movement, kneading, pressing and tapping along the track embodies master massage techniques to the fullest.

Bluetooth speaker, ambient light, dual charging design

Bluetooth: the LED ambient light is set on the side of the chair, giving a heightened sense of atmosphere and adding extra value to your purchase. The headrest is equipped with high-quality Bluetooth speakers on both sides, allowing you to listen to music while being massaged. Surrounded by 3D stereo provides a fully immersive experience, and heightens the enjoyment of your massage.

Mobile phone wireless + USB charging design: the armrest is equipped with a wireless charging function, and your mobile phone can be charged as soon as it is laid down, thus allowing you to enjoy wireless freedom. It is also equipped with a hidden USB interface, just plug and play for massage and entertainment!

Product Parameters

Rated time
15 minutes
Chair Upright
Chair Reclined
Gross weight:139KG; Net weight:116kg
Rated power
Rated voltage
AC 230~240V
Available Colours
36 Months
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