iFoot Pro+iEnjoy 2
Foot Massager & Back Massager

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iFoot Pro

Take care of your feet and relax your sole!
Traditional Chinese medicine holds that the foot is an important focal point for health and overall wellbeing. Taking care of your feet is not something you should overlook, and daily selfcare will improve your physical and mental health.
The iFoot Pro Fashion Intelligent Foot Massage has been designed to stimulate the foot’s reflexology acupoints through concentrated heat treatment and scraping, roller massage. This delivers maximum benefit to the feet, working away fatigue, aches and pains by manipulating our most overworked appendages.

Professional-quality massage

The iFoot Pro’s contours and massage bumps are designed to replicate an experience similar to what you would pay a professional for. iFoot Pro attends to all the foot’s pressure points through a combination of kneading and scraping. Close your eyes and imagine you are in the capable hands of a master masseuse.


The benefits of heated massage

Using carbon fibres as a heat source, the iFoot Pro improves blood circulation while tending to aching, tired feet. As well as the obvious therapeutic benefits of thermotherapy, a heated foot massage simply feels fantastic. This is a great way to achieve daily mindfulness and relaxation.


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iEnjoy 2

Choose iEnjoy 2 for portable, therapeutic massage and relaxation whenever you need it.

Modern life means more of us than ever are sedentary, leading to a range of health problems including stiff joints, general fatigue and muscular pain.

Make an affordable investment into your health and wellbeing with the iEnjoy 2, a lightweight, easy-to-carry massage device suitable for everyday use. Enjoy its benefits whenever you feel stressed, tense or simply in need of some attention.

iEnjoy 2 features a thermotherapy setting, using heat to ease away fatigue and tension, in combination with kneading massage. It’s ideal for all parts of the body and convenient to use, whether at home, at work or while travelling.

Supportive, ergonomic shape

The ergonomic U-shaped design perfectly fits the neck contour, as well as the curves of the back, hips and waist area to alleviate lumbar pain. iEnjoy 2 feels like you are in the strong hands of a capable masseuse, providing support to allow for effective massage of the body’s acupoints.

Featuring four kneading massage heads, the iEnjoy 2 can be applied to whichever body part needs attention. Pinpoint where you need therapy most, by manually adjusting its position to relax the muscles and fight fatigue. And if you happen to fall asleep during your massage (it’s that relaxing!) iEnjoy 2 has an automatic shutdown after 20 minutes to avoid overuse.


An advanced heating function can be released from the massage heads to improve circulation and offer extra relief for tense muscles. This is ideal during the colder months, when extra warmth can boost your immune system and help you fight the cold.

Automatic, multi-directional massage
The massage heads feature rotating clockwise and counterclockwise functionality, switching automatically every 60 seconds. This multi-directional massage feels fantastic and is designed for maximum relief and relaxation.

One-button control
A single button allows you to control all the functionality of iEnjoy 2, including the heat therapy and on/ off settings.

iEnjoy 2 can be plugged in at the office or at home. It also comes equipped with a car adapter, allowing you to enjoy the benefit of massage during long car journeys (Note: not recommended for use while driving).

The perfect gift for friends, family and colleagues, iEnjoy 2 is also an affordable way to treat yourself when you need a little selfcare and stress relief in your life.


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Customer Reviews

5 / 5

Cassel Rune

1 week ago

Ifoot pro

I am a football player, this massager really help me with my training everyday. My foot feel sour every day and this help me remit sour. Fantastic magic item!

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