Estilo Prime Plus+iFoot Pro
Back Massager & Foot Massager

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A Greater Massage Experience

Enhanced roller positioning. Improved acupoint targeting. 3-Point simultaneous massage touchpoints. Increased adaptability. The Estilo Prime Plus is the latest upgrade to the range of full back massagers. Indulge in a greater experience at home or in the office, instantly.

Deep Tissue Experience

Deep kneading thermal rollers rotates and protrudes, delivering a 3D deep tissue experience, effectively soothing the neck and shoulder area, down to your lumbar and lower back.

3-Point Simultaneous Massage

Synchronized ergonomic massage rollers targets both neck and back at the same time. Vibration mode from the massage seat delivers therapeutic sensations from lower thighs up to the neck. 

The Estilo Prime Plus features an expandable back strap, designed to secure the mobile massage seat to various chair types you may have at home for quick rejuvenation anytime, anywhere.

Office Chair | Arm Chair | Sofa/Lounger | Recliner | Ottoman Chair

Combined Massage Therapy

Innovative combination of kneading and tapping massage helps relieve tight muscles and eliminate fatigue. Select from 3 modes and 3 intensity settings.


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iFoot Pro

Take care of your feet and relax your sole!
Traditional Chinese medicine holds that the foot is an important focal point for health and overall wellbeing. Taking care of your feet is not something you should overlook, and daily selfcare will improve your physical and mental health.
The iFoot Pro Fashion Intelligent Foot Massage has been designed to stimulate the foot’s reflexology acupoints through concentrated heat treatment and scraping, roller massage. This delivers maximum benefit to the feet, working away fatigue, aches and pains by manipulating our most overworked appendages.

Professional-quality massage

The iFoot Pro’s contours and massage bumps are designed to replicate an experience similar to what you would pay a professional for. iFoot Pro attends to all the foot’s pressure points through a combination of kneading and scraping. Close your eyes and imagine you are in the capable hands of a master masseuse.


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Customer Reviews

5 / 5

Lyla Costa

1 week ago

Estilo and Ifoot

Super good combo, much cheaper than a massage chair.

Alex Good

1 week ago

Estilo and Ifoot

Super strong power relieve every single muscle of my back. Excellent quality. Thank you.

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