Breo iSee M
Foldable Eye Massager

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iSee M

A massage experience you don't have to see to believe

That familiar dull ache. The sensation of tightening around your head and the pulse of pain behind your eyes. Headaches, migraines and eye strain are a common occurrence for many of us.
Fortunately, help is available through the iSee M Eye Intelligent Massage Machine.
iSeeM combines heat technology, compression, acupoint manipulation and intelligent massage to deliver relaxation and relief to the region around the eyes.
Airbags deliver bespoke levels of compression, allowing you to choose the intensity and heating of your massage. There are three automatic modes to choose from, each fully massaging the area around the eye and powerful acupoints.
iSeeM’s compact portability means you can take it anywhere and instantly revitalise and relax your eyes. It’s ideal for travelers, office workers and anyone who wants the security of knowing therapeutic relief is with them whenever they need it.

Intelligent Air Pressure

Computer technology within the airbags allows for an intelligent massage. The technology reads your body, instructing the airbags to expand and contract according to your particular needs. The result is close to a shiatsu massage experience with intense, rhythmic kneading of the ocular acupressure points, relieving tension, muscular aches and fatigue.

Heat Compression (42°C - 47°C)

With a built-in temperature plate, iSeeM quickly heats to reach optimal therapeutic warmth. Your massage will be delivered at between 42°C- 47°C, similar to the temperature aimed for by master masseuses.


iSeeM uses this thermotherapy to care for your eyes, by soothing the ocular muscles and promoting blood circulation. This in turn helps to combat dry eyes, dark circles, and puffiness.

Default Settings & App Control

For simplicity choose from between three default modes (soft, medium and hard). One touch of a button will send you into blissful relaxation, with iSeeM automatically ending the massage after the default ten minutes, or another time of your choosing.


You also can use the Breo app (Android & iOS versions available), which allows you to fully customise your own massage by setting the time, heat, pressure and frequency.


At the same time, iSeeM is equipped to play music from a comprehensive library, or through connecting with your device via Bluetooth. Enjoy the unique therapeutic benefits of massage set to music.

Ergonomic and Portable

The iSeeM mask is ergonomically designed to fit most face shapes, with an adjustable band and buckle easily adapted to any head size. The 180° foldable design makes it small enough to put in your handbag or pocket. iSee M is truly the ultimate travelling companion!

Product Parameters

Net weight
Rated time
10 minutes
Rated voltage
Rated power
Lithium Battery
210L*75W*110H mm
Battery Life
1.5 hrs(+-0.5 h)
12 Months

Customer Reviews

5 / 5


4 months ago

Eye massager

The best thing I have ever bought.would recommend to others..my eyes feels refresh Every morning..

Vivien P

2 years ago

love it

good product, bought one for my child.

Nakul E

2 years ago

Nice product

A very famous product. I like it very much. It relaxes my eyes

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