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If you are looking for an affordable, effective and multi-functional massage tool, look no further than iFancy.
With changeable massage heads and heat therapy capability, iFancy can be used on any part of the body needing attention and relaxation. Its ergonomic shape makes it easy to hold and control, allowing you to concentrate fully on your massage experience.


Using the popular tapping massage style, iFancy is highly therapeutic and designed for relaxation. Enjoy a gentle, stress-relieving massage and then simply change the massage head when you want more intensity.

Heat therapy

iFancy is equipped with heating capability, allowing you to warm aching parts of the body with the press of a button. This setting provides similar therapeutic benefits to a hot compress and is perfect for injuries and general aches and pains.

Extended-reach design

The arc-shaped handle is ergonomically designed for a comfortable grip and to allow easy reach to all parts of your body – including between the shoulder blades, lower back and the backs of the legs.

Adjustable intensity

Simply adjust your massage intensity with the manual roller knob. This allows you to start gently, build up to a powerful therapeutic massage, and then ease back down again. You know your own body best, and iFancy allows you the freedom to control your experience, achieving maximum comfort and relaxation.

Product Parameters

Net weight:
Rated voltage
Rated power
220-240V~ 50/60Hz
425L*93W*130H mm
12 Months

Customer Reviews

4.33 / 5

Victoria W

1 year ago

recommend it!

a small massager, cost-effective, easy to use. recommend it!

Elijah Y

1 year ago

Highly recommend!

it can be a great gift for parent.


9 months ago

Really helped

Hubby had a shoulder pain and this really helped, and it has had lots of use.

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