We, FAMILY INADA, since our foundation in 1962, having promoted the massage chair as “the one and only Japan-originated cultural health product,” have been a leader in the industry through the creation of innovative products, focusing our efforts on “making long-lasting valued and attractive massage chairs that will be used in every home.” Looking back on the history of massage chairs, when they appeared around the world for the first time, they were considered entertainment-type products for enjoying a mechanical massage by inserting coins at a public bath. Later, in 1972, massage chairs gained status as government-certified medical care equipment for the first time with the approval of the Ministry of Health and Welfare (present day Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare) as home medical care equipment that could serve as a mechanical substitute for human hand massages. Through research and development having accumulated since then, in 2000, we succeeded in developing medical massage chairs that could support the body in temporarily alleviating body stiffness and fatigue to medical chairs that could support the body in preventing the accumulation of stiffness and fatigue. Furthermore, in 2016, we devised a way of massaging according to constantly changing physical conditions with the industry’s first “artificial intelligence mechanism.”



We believe in the importance of acupressure massage in maintaining well-being and that our massage chairs can become an integral part of everyone’s health care regimen. Our mission is to share with the world the benefit of our years of experience and innovation in acupressure massage chairs.


Why buy Inada?

Inada massage chairs stand out when compared to all other major robotic massage chair brands in the market. Because of this, we encourage you to learn as much as you can about robotic massage chairs.

Intelligent Massage: Inada massage programs are designed from scratch by actual massage experts to re-create proven massage techniques with robotics. Every INADA product is designed to deliver a shiatsu-style massage, which helps maximize relief, remove tension and stiffness, and creates an avenue for the user to escape the stress of everyday life.

Medical Grade Therapy: Inada collaborates with ten medical research facilities and seven universities to design massage programs with the maximum health benefit. INADA's product line addresses posture correction, neck traction, stretching, full body massage therapy, targeted therapeutic massage, and daily stress reduction.

Inada invented the world's first automatic massage chair. Over the next 50 years, Inada went on to pioneer virtually every major massage innovation introduced to the market, including the first spinal roller, the first use of air cells for massage, and the first infrared pressure point detection system. In 2008, they released the award-winning Sogno, a revolutionary massage chair that continues to be a best-seller and features the most advanced and comprehensive air cell and roller massage on the planet. Whilst minor modifications have been made to this massage chair over the past few years, you simply cannot improve on perfection and to date, no other massage chair has been made to surpass the capabilities of the Inada Sogno Dream Wave Massage Chair.

Passionate about Health

Inada is the only massage chair company whose product development is 100% led by professional Shiatsu therapists. Each massage begins with an automatic Shiatsu point detection scan (another Inada invention) and has been choreographed to intelligently massage the right parts of your body with just the right touch. Inada collaborates with 7 universities and 10 medical clinics to conceive and test new ideas for making a positive impact on your health.

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