Who we are & our retail experience.

iRelax have been servicing the NZ market with portable massager and massage chairs since 2014. The company has 5 stores in Auckland, 4 with Westfield and one with Sylvia Park. Outside of Auckland, we have a presence of 5 stores, 2 in  Wellington, 1 in Hamilton, 1 in Tauranga and 1 in Christchurch. We also have an online e-commerce shop. All 10 of our stores operate separately in the Companies Office. Throughout our operation we have 50+ people employed at one time.

iRelax provide a one-stop solution for relaxation and ensure our products will replace the busy life of our customers to a sense of calmness. Our online store contains products that will enrich our customer’s lives.
Vision statement:

Offering the most innovative and professional wellness solution products that are available to use any time at home.

Mission Statement:

We exist to offer world-class innovative wellness products.
Core Values:


Our brands

We have 3 brands each designed to enhance a persons’ level of comfort or relaxation in various ways.