About us

Irelax began in June 2014 in New Zealand with a sole purpose to improve the health and wellbeing of New Zealanders through the use of portable massagers. Initially bringing to New Zealand a world renowned and sought after brand, BREO, the company have evolved to becoming a leader (and product of choice) for many customers seeking portable massagers and massage chairs.

Irelax provide a one-stop solution for relaxation and ensure our body massagers provide a sense of calmness the busy lives of our customers. All massage chairs found in our stores nationwide & online contain products that enrich our customer’s lives.
Vision statement:

Offering the most innovative and professional wellness solution products that are available to use any time at home.

Mission Statement:

We exist to offer world-class innovative wellness products.
Core Values:


Our brands

We have 3 brands each designed to enhance a persons’ level of comfort or relaxation in various ways.

Breo – We are the only distributor for the Breo worldwide recognised brand in Australasia. Breo China has been in operation since 2000 and is now distributed worldwide in USA, UK/Europe, Asia (Japan, Korea, China and Taiwan) through other distributors and Australasia via Irelax. They have spent years researching and manufacturing to deliver remarkable portable massagers for health care.

Our Breo range consists of a large variety of portable massagers that are well suited as smaller in-house or on-the-go travel massagers. These include the following: Head Massagers, Eye Massagers, Neck Massagers, Palm Massagers, Foot Massagers, Face Massagers, Scalp Massagers and Mini Massagers.


Ogawa – Ogawa is our most recently secured brand. We signed a distributor agreement for Ogawa in May 2019. OGAWA is a Malaysian health and wellness retail store established in 1996 by Mr. Wong Lee Keong& Ms. Lim Poh Kian. Since then, OGAWA has grown into the leading player in the design, development and marketing health and wellness equipment especially massage chairs in Malaysia. Here in OGAWA, we are committed in encouraging a healthier lifestyle through creation of innovative products of the highest quality.

OGAWA Philosophy
OGAWA itself means “stream” in Japanese. It is the magic source of life and the desired merge of streams into the boundless mighty ocean. With the philosophy of “Spring of Wellness”, OGAWA is dedicated to share its wellness intelligence with everyone for a better and healthier lifestyle.


Family Inada – We, FAMILY INADA, since our foundation in 1962, having promoted the massage chair as “the one and only Japan-originated cultural health product,” have been a leader in the industry through the creation of innovative products, focusing our efforts on “making long-lasting valued and attractive massage chairs that will be used in every home.”

We believe in the importance of acupressure massage in maintaining well-being and that our massage chairs can become an integral part of everyone’s health care regimen. Our mission is to share with the world the benefit of our years of experience and innovation in acupressure massage chairs.


Customer Experience
Our Digital Footprint is spread through Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, WeChat, Mailchimp, YouTube and respective partnerships. Competition in some areas can sometimes be fierce and consumers are doing more research before purchasing. Consumers expect companies to meet their needs and respond to their problems effectively.

This is even more important when it comes to bigger purchases. The consumer will not only buy your product, they will expect the service they receive to match their expectations. The after-sales service plays a major role in the client’s decision to purchase and promote so we have made customer centricity our primary focus in our business.

Irelax places huge emphasis to obtain continuous customer feedback throughout the journey. We provide a health survey to the customer to understand them more to place them on the right equipment and to gain maximum benefit for their health and purchase. Each year we also conduct a Customer Survey for learnings to improve from. Each month in our E-News we include health information and/or build on community connection/focus.

A bold new era is on the horizon – and our story continues to evolve with the launch new innovative technology that will ensure our product is readily available to many New Zealanders as they go about their everyday working lives. It is our sole purpose to better serve New Zealander’s to improve their health & wellbeing.


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