How to Choose a Massage Chair

We start from several aspect of user Friendliness, Price, Personalisation, Body Scanning, and The Company

Ailment - Hand Pain

The hand is truly one of the most amazing parts of the human body. Its complexity allows us to perform activities requiring intricate detail and skill, as well as rough tasks requiring power such as heavy lifting.

Ailment - Foot Pain

Your feet and legs are required to withstand enormous amounts of pressure and, understandably, can become overworked, tired and sore.

Ailment - Back Pain

Most of us will suffer from back pain from time to time throughout our lives. In fact, back pain is so common, it is a leading reason why people visit the doctor and take time off work. Back pain is characterised by an ache or pain anywhere in the back,

Ailment - Neck and Shoulder Pain

Foot pain can present itself in several different forms due to a variety of circumstances, and unfortunately, many people will experience foot pain at some point in their lives. From general overuse to long-term injury, foot pain can be very limiting and

Ailment - Head and Eye Pain

Doctors have identified stress as the number one cause of tension headaches. Unfortunately, our increasingly busy, modern lifestyles, with little or no downtime, mean more people are experiencing the pain of tension headaches regularly.

Healthcare - Relaxation

Everyone experiences stress, but the triggers can vary from person to person. Many people report that work causes the most stress in their lives – whether it be a workload that’s too heavy, long hours, poor management, bullying or general wor

Massage Types - Aromatherapy

So, you have probably heard that aromatherapy is great for healing, promoting relaxation and overall wellness, but what is it exactly? Aromatherapy oils can be used to relieve headaches, cure cuts and burns, and relax muscles. The oils are extracted from

Massage Types - Reflexology Massage

Reflexology is the application of appropriate pressure to specific reflex points and areas on the feet or hands that correspond to the body’s organs and regions. To be more specific, these reflex points correspond to different body organs and system

How to use massage gun

Massage guns are everywhere. Sporting goods stores stock them and they’re certainly not hard to come by online. Athletes endorse them and fitness trainers back them, but they’re more than just a trend.

Human massage and massage chair

Both human-administered massage and today's cutting-edge massage chairs deliver extraordinary benefits

Benefits of Having a Massage Chair

We all know that a nice massage, whether it be Chinese, Thai, Swedish or other types, is very relaxing. But let’s dig a little deeper and find out how thais is true, and why massage is beneficial for both the body and mind.

Benefits Of Workplace Massage Chairs

At iRelax, we believe that massages shouldn’t be limited to luxury spas and wellness centers.