Massage Chairs

The iSofa Massage Chair is a deluxe great option if you are just getting started out in the search for a massage chair. Unlike others on the market, this massage chair is able to provide a tonne of great benefits for an exceptionally affordable price.

Benefits of this chair

Leg Airbag Massage

With 6 airbags on the leg rest you are fully covered for a thorough massage.   You will be massaged on the Zusanli point which is the acupressure energy point on the knee that is beneficial for multiple health problems.

Multiple massage

The iSofa while comfortable like a sofa provides neck & shoulder, kneading, tapping and air pressure options.

Bluetooth enabled speaker

Immerse yourself with your favourite music with the 3D audio speakers for an ultimate 3D experience


This chair is extremely light to move and reposition.

Hidden Footrest Design

The hidden footrest makes more use of space in your room.

Multi-functional chair

With an embedded controller on the armset the iSofa is easy to operate.  The chair also has a cup holder for you to place your choice of drink for hydration.


iSofa is not just your massage chair but the chair in your lounge to watch TV, read a book or relax to your favourite music – your own chill out zone.

Dimension (cm)



Based on biomechanics, ergonomics, and model physical therapy, combined with longer curved rail massage, modern physics stretching, point, total with 24 airbags and 1 air pump. It will provide you supreme massage experience when you at home, keep health and activity every day.

Quality environment protection material

Multiple positions massage

3D Audio speakers

113cm intelligent massage hands

Magnetic sole roller massage

3 level of massage width adjustable

3 level of massage speed adjustable

3 level of air pressure intensity adjustable

Dimension (cm)
Fully collapsed: 127×75×120cm (length×width×height)
Fully expanded: 147×75×93cm (length×width×height)

Maximum body weight of user: Approx. :100kg
Maximum load of backrest: 90kg
For a user heavier than 100kilograms, the product may have bigger noise and its fabric housing may be worn quicker.

iSpace is generously proportioned for your premium comfort. The modern ergonomic and biomechanics designs combine to create a zero-gravity experience – you will feel like you are floating in space.

Benefits of this chair

Zero gravity

Using NASA technology, the scientific design of the chair provides a floating feeling. With the leg and torso elevation of 118 degrees your thighs and calves are above your heart.

Linkage Armrests

The armrests automatically slide according to the backrest tilt. The user can also massage the hand and wasit in a natural position.

 6 automatic massage programmes

From the intelligent 2D massage system that can relieve your fatigue from a long day to that of a ease up massage from doing house work to that of a comfort massage for the elderly this chair is designed with family in mind.

SL Shaped Curved Rail

The super long ‘SL’ rail will provide a massage distance of 135cm enabling a very good head to toe massage. The S shaped curve will maintain the body vertebra along with relaxing the spine and relieving tension.

 Adjustable Head Cushions

The head cushion has an adjustment of 10cm to accommodate different height.

3D Audio Speakers

Immerse yourself with your favourite music. The audio speakers provide a surrounding


The chair has a wireless Bluetooth system.


High quality microfiber, similar to natural leather performance. Hard wearing, cold-resistant.

Folding resistant | Abrasion resistant | Discoloration | Eco-friendly


iSpace is truly an experience for all adult family members to settle in and enjoy.

Colours available are: Black

Dimension (cm)

Not tilting: 150(L)*80(W)*122(H)

Tilting: 179(L)*80(W)*92(H)


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