Massage Chairs

The iSofa Massage Chair is a deluxe great option if you are just getting started out in the search for a massage chair. Unlike others on the market, this massage chair is able to provide a tonne of great benefits for an exceptionally affordable price.

Benefits of this chair

Leg Airbag Massage

With 6 airbags on the leg rest you are fully covered for a thorough massage.   You will be massaged on the Zusanli point which is the acupressure energy point on the knee that is beneficial for multiple health problems.

Multiple massage

The iSofa while comfortable like a sofa provides neck & shoulder, kneading, tapping and air pressure options.

Bluetooth enabled speaker

Immerse yourself with your favourite music with the 3D audio speakers for an ultimate 3D experience


This chair is extremely light to move and reposition.

Hidden Footrest Design

The hidden footrest makes more use of space in your room.

Multi-functional chair

With an embedded controller on the armset the iSofa is easy to operate.  The chair also has a cup holder for you to place your choice of drink for hydration.


iSofa is not just your massage chair but the chair in your lounge to watch TV, read a book or relax to your favourite music – your own chill out zone.

Dimension (cm)



iComfort will combat stress by establishing equilibrium. Change is easier when it starts from within your comfort zone because that’s where you feel secure about who you are and where you want to be. iComfort is our adult transitional object that provides us with peace & happiness.

Benefits of this chair

Carbon Fiber Infrared Heating

40-50C back heating function relieves coldness and pain on your back. The emissive far infrared wave length co-incides with the human wave length so the energy can be absorbed by the human cell to activate the cell and increase your metabolism.

Zero gravity/Zero space

The 118 degree elevation between body and feet will lift thighs and calves above your heart. This will make you feel weightless and coupled with the one button zero space you will feel like you are floating.

Adjustable Arm Airbag and Shoulder Adjusting

Set with a 22 arm airbag according to the arm curve this will provide air pressure massage to focus on he the hand sanli point, neiguan point stimulating and relating arm to fingers. The Shoulder adjustment of 14cm will satisfy every height.

Intelligent Mechanical Massage Hands

Intelligent mechanical massage hands continuously gather curve data on the back and imitate that of a professional masseur massage. From knead, squeeze, flap, press, push, hold, swing and twist you will feel refreshed and fatigue relieved.

Leg Airbag Massage

Compression, pause and release air pressure will stimulate Xuanzhong and Taixi accupoints to bring about comfort and harmony.

Foot Mastoid Guasha Massage

A 3cm massage focus on the Yongquan point on your soles from gentle steady to a strong massage.

 Point comfortable physical therapy

Fengchi Point | Jianjing Point | Tianzong Point | Xinshu Point | Ganshu Point | Shengshu Point | Neiguan Point | Hands Sanli Point | Foot Sanli Point | Taixi Point | Kunlun Point | Yongquan Point

iComfort is your sanctuary where everything will feel OK.

iSpace is generously proportioned for your premium comfort. The modern ergonomic and biomechanics designs combine to create a zero-gravity experience – you will feel like you are floating in space.

Benefits of this chair

Zero gravity

Using NASA technology, the scientific design of the chair provides a floating feeling. With the leg and torso elevation of 118 degrees your thighs and calves are above your heart.

Linkage Armrests

The armrests automatically slide according to the backrest tilt. The user can also massage the hand and wasit in a natural position.

 6 automatic massage programmes

From the intelligent 2D massage system that can relieve your fatigue from a long day to that of a ease up massage from doing house work to that of a comfort massage for the elderly this chair is designed with family in mind.

SL Shaped Curved Rail

The super long ‘SL’ rail will provide a massage distance of 135cm enabling a very good head to toe massage. The S shaped curve will maintain the body vertebra along with relaxing the spine and relieving tension.

 Adjustable Head Cushions

The head cushion has an adjustment of 10cm to accommodate different height.

3D Audio Speakers

Immerse yourself with your favourite music. The audio speakers provide a surrounding


The chair has a wireless Bluetooth system.


High quality microfiber, similar to natural leather performance. Hard wearing, cold-resistant.

Folding resistant | Abrasion resistant | Discoloration | Eco-friendly


iSpace is truly an experience for all adult family members to settle in and enjoy.

Colours available are: Black

Dimension (cm)

Not tilting: 150(L)*80(W)*122(H)

Tilting: 179(L)*80(W)*92(H)

The IMaster will have you relaxed to master your stress. IMaster like IClass is a premium chair offering luxury but with a price tag that sits below IClass. The two chairs are in leagues of their own, however IMaster will provide a supreme experience for your health and wellbeing.

Benefits of this chair

7 Programme options

IMaster specializes in deep tissue massage, featuring two key pieces of technology – the high performance 4D Massage mechanism and the L Track.


4D Mechanism

Equipped with this 4D chair, you will get the most enhanced massage experience because the rollers move up and down and side-to-side. While moving in and out into your muscle tissue they also have the ability to vary the speed of each individual roller head, mimicking that of a real professional human like massage.


S Shaped Curved Rail & L Track

A super long massage rail of 1.35m within the chair will provide you with a 1.08m vertical massage. The ‘L’ track provides deep tissue massage from the base of your neck all the way down through your glutes and hamstrings.


Foot Massager

The 2-row foot massager has a foot length auto detection that will be sending you off in to heavenly ecstasy.

LED & Bluetooth

A built in LED light with 3 colours and 7 mixed themes and Bluetooth to listen to your favourite music.

Built in controller

For adjusting and programming the settings you can use the built-in control panel.

For more intensity, you can recline the massage chair to the position that will be perfect for you. Euphoria is the feeling of complete satisfaction and heavenly bliss that the supreme IMaster delivers.

Dimension (cm)

Not tilting: 158(L)*84(W)*121(H)

Tilting: 196(L)*84(W)*105(H)

Flying first class without leaving home got easier with the advanced technological innovation iClass offers – your ultimate retreat from the stresses of daily life.  Providing significant comfort and luxury this high quality microfiber chair will leave no part of your body untreated.


Benefits of this chair

Zero space

A deep massage position of zero space at the push of one button

3D Intelligent Massage

With this high-performance 3D chair, you will get the most enhanced massage experience because the rollers move up and down and side-to-side

 8 automatic massage programmes

The Chair is designed for different people and you can find your own individual massage pressure & requirements. Our programmes have been customised based on trialled feedback from the sportsman, tradesman, housewife, retired, and those requiring targeted areas or just seeking relaxation.

S Shaped Curved Rail & L Track

The ‘L’ track provides deep tissue massage from the base of your neck all the way down through your glutes and hamstrings.  A super long massage rail within the chair will provide you with a 95cm vertical massage.

 Safety Protection

Designed with protection sensors inside the chair, the chair also has sensory visual of blind spots to prevent accidental or mechanical damage.

Adjustable Arm Airbag & Shoulder Adjusting

Set with a 22 arm airbag for the human arm curve to do focused hand massage through air pressure massage. The shoulder adjustment mechanism can adjust by 14cms to satisfy varying heights.

Back-waist twist

Airbags fill and release on the back provides a left right swing movement to adjust the spine and relieve muscle stiffness.

Swing Hip

The “8” mode left and right swing on the seat provides an imitation of a real masseuse to keep your balance and effectively release pelvis, buttock and muscle stiffness

Magnetic Therapy

8 300cc magnets to stimulate acupoints on your calf muscles

12 points physical therapy, Waist Stretch, Extended Calf Rest, Thai Sole GuaSha Massage, Leg Airbag Massage …. and should we mention infrared heating, adjustable seating and 3D digital sound that has you lying in the sea of your music.


Treating yourself is so important for your mental & physical health – health has no price – fly first class in the comfort of your home.


Colours available are: Black, Brown, Red

Dimension (cm)

Not tilting: 142(L)*82(W)*126(H)

Tilting: 192(L)*82(W)*92(H)


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