iRelax provide a one-stop solution for relaxation and ensure our products will relax you beyond your imagination. Our online store contain products that will enrich your life with chairs and devices that make you feel good.

We provide 3 product lines that each enhance your levels or comfort or relaxation in various ways. These lines are listed below as:

Breo – Remarkable portable massagers for health care;

Our Breo range consists of a large variety of portable massagers that are well suited as smaller in-house or on-the-go travel massagers. These include the following: Head Massagers, Eye Massagers, Neck Massagers, Palm Massagers, Foot Massagers, Face Massagers, Scalp Massagers and Mini Massagers. Click here for the full range

LifeSmart  – with a passion for technology LifeSmart™ helps to overcome daily annoyances to make life easier;

LifeSmart™ is a young and International team passionate in creating new and exciting “Internet of Things” related technologies. We are one of the market leading and trendsetting companies both in the local Chinese market as well as rapidly expanding in the global market. We believe that through great design and a unique product approach we can change the impact “IoT” has on our customer’s lifestyle and the environment

Our company’s core values are as follows

  • Simplicity
  • 100% reliable customer experiences
  • Value for money
  • Long-term customer relationships
  • And if things do go wrong… we will be there for you.