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Portable, mobile massagers for any joint or specific body parts.

Our iRelax range provides complete solutions for relaxation and massage.

Our massage chairs and sofas offer the latest in relaxation and massage technology and are perfect for the home.

Suitable for whole body massage.

Massage chairs, relaxation sofas, exercise bikes and general joint massagers.

If you’re after portable, mobile massagers for your joints or a specific body part, this is the range for you.

Our Breo range includes a large variety of massagers with varying functions including kneading, rolling, vibrating and tapping.

Suitable for specific body parts including back, feet, hands, shoulders, neck, knees and joints. Our Breo product range synergises technology, modern design and scientific research, resulting in the best product money can buy.

With a passion for technology LifeSmart™ helps to overcome daily annoyances to make life easier.…

With LifeSmart, we believe that every single home will become a smart home, every single office will become a smart office.

Because of this, we dedicate our efforts on AI, cloud service & product design and development. We have the most stable and fashionable product line up in the industry, by ongoing development & improving our user experience, we create values and make significant changes for customers on a global basis.

saky Pro
Smart-care Sonic Electric Toothbrush

Saky Pro focus on providing a healthy oral environment with technology


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Shop by Body Part

Kneading, vibrating and tapping massagers for your back muscles, shoulders, neck and spine.
Facial massagers for your facial areas including head, scalp and eyes.
Kneading, vibrating and tapping massagers for your knee joints, calves, feet, and legs
A massage for your hands. Ensure your hands are left feeling relaxed & pain free
Massage Chairs aim to relax your whole body top to bottom. Multiple options available.
General use mobile, portable massagers that can be used on the entire body.